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{10.9.11} hello mojo…

Trigger time…

Here’s the deal… my mojo has been finicky lately.  Ideas are not plentiful and then if I do have an idea, I can’t seem to get my butt to sit down in my room to make it.  Errrr!  So frustrating.  So, instead of crafting Saturday, this is what I did…

This is my little craft area and I spent all morning building those little cubbie shelves and reorganizing.  It sure looks perty to me.  I should have done a before picture, but I was a pretty embarrassed by it.  When I walk by now, I just LOVE to look at it.  Makes me a little giddy.  heehee.

Thankfully, my mojo likes it too.
I was finally able to get inspired by this Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger.

This photo seriously stumped me.  Yummy yes, but how to turn it into a card I wasn’t sure.  Karen shared a technique she learned from Christina (whew talk about playing telephone here) to look at the inspiration photo for a bit, walk away and write down everything you remember.  So that is what I did and here is my list:

whipped cream

You can probably guess from my list where I got my inspiration from.  🙂  In the corner of the label, the paper has a doily pattern. It didn’t really get picked up by the camera.  And I am using the To the Core Itty Bitty stamp.

Wow, what a long post for such a simple card.  Ha.  Real time blogging here.  I just created this card, photographed, edited and blogged.  Kinda fun!











  1. love this collage-y cutie, lisa! this is my fav type of card design and you’ve done it beautifully:) your desk looks so great, so organized!

  2. Great looking desk, perhaps that is what I need to do to get my mojo back as well… Hmfph…
    Great card! I like the apple doily creamy browns kind of feel it has.

  3. There is no finickey mojo with this card….it is FABULOUS!!! Love the ENTIRE design!!!

  4. casey says:

    I LOVE this card! The colors are perfect together and the apple is just adorable! Plus the twine…Perfect!!!

  5. Hello Mojo…love your oh-so-fun card and your organized space..fantastic!

  6. The beginning made me laugh I did exactly the same thing Saturday morning lol. Love your trigger card xx

  7. Super cute card Lisa!

  8. This card is Stunning!! It’s an awesome take on the trigger, I love the apple and that fab sentiment!
    Isn’t it amazing how your work area can effect creating, I totally hear you there!

  9. What a gorgeous space you have there, Lisa! I can imagine it makes you happy just seeing it!!! Very nice! And your card is such a beauty as well! I see you also have a sewing machine, I’m thinking about asking one for my bday with christmas, but don’t know what I should look for, or what the specs should be. Can you help me with that? Do you use yours often?
    Hugs, Wendy

  10. LOVE your take on the photo. Lisa! That is definitely a hard photo to take inspiration from. Your desk top is awesome too. Isn’t great when it’s clean?!?

  11. Really nice!

  12. Your crafting space is so great. You did a fabulous job on the cubbies! This card is adorable. I love all the different strips of patterned paper!

  13. Love it! Perfect project for this time of year. And you’re so organized!

  14. Hey Lisa! Thanks for linking this up to this week’s Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on all the fun! 🙂

  15. Those lil cubby holes are cool! Good work! and well done on summonsing the mojo back! x

  16. SUPER pretty card—LOVE the papers and layers–and I LOVE how you changed the sentiment! FUN!! What a fun crafting space–I need to make something like this:)

  17. Well, it sure doesn’t look like your mojo is gone. I LOVE it! The design is stellar and I really love the papers you used. It’s absolutely perfect! 🙂

  18. Absolutely gorgeous card!

  19. First, love your crafting area! I think you were wise not to take a before picture — who needs a reminder? 😛 And the mojo is back full force, because this is a perfectly sweet card.

  20. Love this card Lisa! I love how you stated your process about writing down what you remember from the inspiration photo…that is a fabulous tip! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your mojo leave you, and the details on this card are ‘wow!

  21. Angie Blom says:

    Well you are super talented as always!! That is one awesome card and I love your thinking process I need to remember that!! And HELLO!! That cubbie is super terrific!! Love it !! Xx

  22. As soon as I saw the photo in my reader, I thought “Ooooh, that must be for the Trigger!” It’s so gorgeous, and the sentiment is fab. By the way, huge congrats on your Hero Arts win – well deserved, Lisa 🙂

  23. Gah, forgot to say I love your little cubbies! And kudos on organizing – I try to do that when the mojo isn’t flowing, but usually end up watching TV instead…*guilty grin*

  24. I just redid my crafting space and it makes me happy too 😉 I’m convinced a happy crafting space helps with the mojo juices too hehe! loving all the layered patterned strips! cute to the core!!

  25. Well I guess your new area worked! Your card is beautiful! Congrats on your trigger win!

  26. Great job, Lisa!! On the re-organisation (wanna come and help me reorganise my desk? hehe) & the card! This card is really pretty, love the apple image, so fun. Great take on the trigger pic. Plus, Congrats on wining the Hero Arts contest!! Woo-hoo!!

  27. Hi Lisa, Glad you stopped by my blog! I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog visits. I LOVE this card . . . the white space at the top really lets the images and patterned papers be the focus!

  28. Fantastic card, Lisa! I’m always looking for cards to use my pretty papers with – and this one is great because you can use your scraps!

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